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WWII TWIN COLT M2 WATERCOOLED CAL 50 ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN SYSTEM Original pre-World War II twin Browning 50 cal watercooled anti-aircraft machine gun system, which includes two original live Colt watercooled 50 cal Browning machineguns, an early Heintz twin watercooled 50 shield mount and numerous accessories. Both of these guns are registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as fully-transferable Curio and Relic-qualified live machineguns. They are described as follows: The two Colt M2 machineguns, serial numbered 789224 and 796285, were registered before the 1968 Amnesty. They were registered as “Model 1921” machineguns, although they are specifically marked Colt M2 machineguns. Acquired in December, 2000 from a retired Army officer. He acquired the pair in December, 1967 from a gun shop in St. Louis, Missouri. I contacted the original owner and he remembered the pair, because they originally came from a museum in California, where they were on display in the 1950’s. They are in excellent condition, with only handling scratches and small dents on the water jackets, signs of their wartime careers. Both retain their original parkerization! Their unusual condition is the result of the prior owner’s hard work. He constructed well-made wood cases for each gun and kept both in storage until I acquired them from him. Neither he nor I have fired these machineguns. One M2 is set up for left hand feed and the other for right hand feed, as the mount requires. Until retrieved from long-time storage, only 21 other transferable, registered original M2 watercooled 50’s were known to be in private ownership. Watercooled 50’s have been made up from air cooled ground guns, however original watercooled M2’s, in their original configuration, particularly Colts, are the exception. The water jackets have minimal signs of use, primarily a few shallow dents. The barrels and muzzle thread protectors are Colt. These guns came with either steel or brass thread protectors. Typical of wartime guns, some smaller component parts were manufactured by other machinegun manufacturers. Proof of the uniqueness of these M-2 Receivers can be found in details few RKI’s notice. These M-2’s were not in military inventory when upgrade modifications were made to all M-2’s. They are in their original configuration as when manufactured by Colt. Specifically, the 3/8” hole on the right side of the Receiver, directly under the feed tray, which allows the later-model barrel locking spring lug to release the barrel, has not been drilled out on these guns. When they were made, the spring lug operated differently and that hole did not exist. All original M-2 Receivers in military inventories were modified by drilling that spring lug hole in the right side plate of the receivers. These two receivers do not have the spring lug hole! Modernized M-2’s are common, even those manufactured during WWII. But original M-2 machineguns without such modernization are seldom seen, even in museums. These two Colt M2’s are mounted on an original heavy shield mount designated “MARK 22 TWIN PEDESTAL MOUNT” manufactured by Heintz Manufacturing Co of Philadelphia. The mount is believed to be pre-WWII because its brass identification plates state the mount is “FOR M.G. CAL. .50 COLT BROWNING”. Once the war started, M2 50 cal machineguns were manufactured by numerous contractors, only one of which was Colt. I acquired the mount from a military vehicle collector, who told me he removed it from a half-track. The shield of the mount has a weathered insignia which is believe to be the New Zealand Air Force. If so, this mountmay ha e  een originally used to guard airfields in the South Pacific. The insignia has been carefully preserved. This mount has never been dewatted or demilled! The entire mount was disassembled, sandblasted, cleaned, primed, painted and reassembled. Additional parts and accessories which come with this gun system: Well-made non-USGI wood cases for each watercooled machinegun. Two lengths of belted dummy ammunition for display, USMC Back Strap (shooters seat), Two M-3 Water Chests, completely reconditioned. The water chest is a hand operated water pump holding approximately 7 gallons of water. It employs water hoses to attach to the waterjacket of the gun. The water chest covers, usually discarded, are included. Water chests actually look better without the cover, exposing the crank, chain drive and brass pump (unpainted but originally painted). Matching paint to touch up inevitable scratches on the mount. Two pair of reproduction water hoses, app 25 ft., with expertly made brass fittings and original hose clamps. Two pair of water hoses made at a hydraulic hose shop, for use when one does not want his good hoses to receive wear when shooting the guns. Two original US “Tombstone” ammo cans in excellent condition. These ammo cans are the early model Tombstone cans with raised lettering, a detail eliminated during wartime production. Two original USGI tombstone ammo can loading handles. Anti-aircraft rear sight eyepiece and front spider sight ring on brass adjustable sight base. The rear eyepiece is original, as it the front spider sight. The front sight base is believed to have come from an Orlicon machinegun and has been adapted to the Mark 22 mount. While restoring this mount, I had a conversation with a Marine who served on Guadalcanal in the early part of WWII, manning a twin 50 watercooled system just like this. He said the sights were taken off and “thrown in the surf”, in favor of simply using tracers as the aiming system. Original “Navy” grease gun, attaches to clamp on pedestal mount, Original old-style watercooled Browning 50 M2 Combination Wrench, Muzzle gland wrench, Cleaning rod with broken shell extractor, chamber cleaning brush and canvas case M12 Hand Linker-delinker, NIB. Two gallons of 50 cal ammo links, Copies of each of the following: Technical Manual No. 9-230 Machinegun Mounts For Boats (October, 1943); ORD 9 SNC A-55 Ordnance Supply Catalog, List of All Parts of Mount, Pedestal, Machine Gun, Cal .50, M39, M39A1, M43, and M43A1; and Mount, Pedestal, Twin, Cal .50, M46 (14 October, 1944); TM9-226 Technical Manual, Browning Machine Gun, Cal .50, M2, Water- cooled, and Mounts (December 10, 1940); FM23-65 Browning Machine Gun Cal .50 HB, M2 (19 June, 1991); Copies of several interesting pre-WWII Bureau of Ordnance letters dealing with watercooled 50’s. This complete system is an absolutely beautiful piece of American Military history. It is the only know twin watercooled mount for Colt machineguns, equipped with its appropriate original live Colt watercooled Browning 50’s, in private ownership in America. It will serve well as the centerpiece of any machinegun collection or museum display.  $245,000. For more information call 877-437-0251 or email [email protected]  Thand you

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