British Spartan Armored Personnel Carrier

British Spartan Armored Personnel Carrier

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March 8, 2023, 9:54 a.m. - Military Vehicles -

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This is a British Spartan FV103 MK1 Armored Personnel Carrier.  It is a Cummins Diesel, which was new just before import, so it has really low mileage.  The diesel conversion also required a gearbox or transmission upgrade. The gearing is new as well.
These British APC’s are very hard to find for sale in the USA, and you would have to Import one from overseas to get one.  But this one is available now.
Comes with everything you see here. Working Head sets and Toy L85 rifles. 
Shipping price and logistics will be handled with buyer.

WE BUY MACHINE GUNS! Up to 90% of retail paid. Overnight Funds. We do the paperwork. 

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